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Certificates of Deposit

INTERVEST NATIONAL BANK (INB) offers a full line of certificates of deposits with maturities ranging from 6 months up to 10 years. Interest is compounded daily and credited to your balance monthly. You may also choose to have the interest credited to your INB Checking Account or INB Savings Account.  A check for interest earned may be sent directly to you each month provided the certificate of deposit has a minimum balance of $20,000.00.

Minimum deposit to open account is $2,500.00
($1,000.00 for an IRA Account).

Statement of of your account is mailed to you at maturity and at year end.

Interest rate is fixed over the term of the certificate of deposit.

Annual Percentage Yield quoted assumes that all interest earned is credited to your original balance and that the balance will remain on deposit for a one year period.

Significant penalties may apply for early withdrawals.  These penalties also apply to early withdrawals from IRA accounts.

Call us in New York at (212) 218-8383 or in Florida at (727) 442-2551 for additional details or send us an e-mail.